Ormai famose come caramelle, le Jelly Belly sono sbarcate anche sul mercato tecnologico come custodie per iPhone 4 dalla particolare caratteristica del “sapore”…

Ok, prima che qualcuno di voi lettori si faccia prendee la scimmia del poter mangiare il proprio iPhone4 😀 , specifichiamo che le custodie, in materiale simile al silicone, posso essere acquistate a circa 15 $ su internet (siti e-commerce) con 5 diversi “profumi” non gusti ;).

Le cover saranno dispoibili anche per iPod Touch e restanti versioni, nonchè per Black Berry. La produzione non si limiterà alle custodie ma spazierà anche sulle cuffie che tanto spaziano tra i teenagers di oggi, a seguito il comunicato stampa.

ESI Cases Introduces Two New Jelly Belly® Products: Scented Line of Cases for iPhone, iPod and Blackberry; Earbuds in Classic Jelly Bean Shape

New York – June 15, 2011 – ESI Cases and Accessories, and licensing partner, Jelly Belly® have launched a comprehensive line of phone cases for iPhone® 4, iPod Touch®, iPod Nano® and Blackberry® with five of the most popular flavors of the Jelly Belly candy line represented. Each case is made of durable TPI plastic and scented with the Jelly Belly smell from each of the five flavors represented; Strawberry Cheesecake, Very Cherry, Blueberry, Licorice and Berry Blue.

“Jelly Belly candy is an iconic brand in American homes, especially among households with children,” said Elliot Azoulay, president and CEO of ESI Cases and Accessories. “In addition to children who identify with these scents, many adults grew up with them and are thrilled to outfit their iPhone, iPod Touch or Blackberry with a durable case that protects their devices from scratches and damage.”

Jelly Bean-Shaped Earbuds
Additionally, ESI has also added a line of jelly bean-shaped in-ear headphones in the same vibrant colors that match five of Jelly Belly’s top jelly bean flavors. The earbuds, while unscented, make a fun complement to the scented cases.

“These jelly bean-shaped headphones are ideal for any consumers that want to make a fun impression with their friends and as they walk down the street,” noted Azoulay. “While their unique shape is hard to miss, selecting one of the five colors can be either used to blend in with something traditional such as black (licorice) or bright and bold with deep red (Very Cherry).”

The Jelly Belly Cases for iPhone, iPods and Blackberry and headphones are available at numerous retailers across the country including F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment), Hudson News and ShopKo with new stores continually being added. All products have a MSRP of $14.99 each.